X-phi Under Quarantine Discussion Group
Weekly Discussions of Recent Work in X-phi

Fridays at 9:00am (NZST) on Zoom

Email jmsytsma@gmail.com for details

I (3 April): Vilius Dranseika, Jonas Dagys, and Renatas Berniūnas, “Proper Names, Rigidity, and Empirical Studies on Judgements of Identity Across Transformations.”

II (10 April): David Rose and Shaun Nichols, “Teleological Essentialism: Generalized.”

III (17 April): Jonathan Livengood and Justin Sytsma, “Actual Causation and Compositionality.”

IV (24 April): Pascale Willemsen, “Direct and Derivative Moral Responsibility: An Overlooked Distinction in Experimental Philosophy.”

V (1 May): Andrew James Latham, Kristie Miller, and James Norton, “An Empirical Investigation of Purported Passage Phenomenology.”

VI (8 May): Rodrigo Díaz and Kevin Reuter, “Feeling the Right Way: Normative Influences Upon People’s Use of Emotion Concepts.”

VII (15 May): Zachary Irving, Samuel Murray, Aaron Glasser, and Kristina Krasich, “The Catch-22 of Forgetfulness: Responsibility for Mental Mistakes.”